Water Bath Heaters & Fuel Gas Control
South Oil Company, TEG bath Heaters – H101 A/B/C
United Arab Emirates

The project involved the supply 3 off Triethylene Glycol (TEG) Indirect Water Bath Heaters built to client data sheets and designed to API 12K specification with Fuel Gas Control assemblies.

Shell Size: 3,700 diameter x 12,500 long

Each heater was a natural draft, natural circulation type, designed for outdoor operation in an area which may have a hazardous atmosphere.

Each heater was provided with burner fuel gas control arranged on a base located close to the heater shell with sunshades over critical items, and suitable for use with burner management (BMS) logic installed in an air purged local panel. In addition, each heater was fitted with two 24 inch firetube assemblies consisting of a single burner and pilot both of the inspirating type.

The burners could be operated with high / low fuel gas flow rate or full modulation over a turndown range of 4:1.

Process turndown was unlimited as burner will cycle between low fire and "off" in the event of low heat demand. Heater noise was less than 85 dBA @ 1m.

The heater had a gas coil arranged in 4 parallel flow paths from inlet to outlet as required to meet the allowable pressure drop.