Various Prover and Fiscal Metering Systems
Various Prover and Fiscal Metering Systems

Prover loop units are used to measure volume and flow of oil, and are required to be periodically calibrated to MMS and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements.

We have in the past 10 years built fabricated, tested and assembled many different types (bi-directional, uni-prover etc) of these units which have then been transported all over the world to such destinations as China, Nigeria and Sweden etc.

We have also fabricated, assembled, tested and calibrated Client engineered, skid-mounted packages suitable for various applications, such as fiscal metering systems for oil and gas, gas turbine feeding and boiler feeding systems for power plants.

Oil metering systems that we have fabricated are designed according to the recommendations of the API Manual of Petroleum Measurements Standards, chapters 4 and 5.

Gas metering systems that we have fabricated are used on pipelines to check the values of the gas parameters (flow rate, gas composition) when they are subject to change or when the pipeline crosses a border between two countries.

In order for any of the mentioned systems to operate within specified limits they are scrutinised to a high level by our Client to ensure extremely high quality of laid weld and overall workmanship prior to them being calibrated within our facilities.