Triethylene Glycol Bath Heater
Merlon Petroleum. South Batra Plant, West Dikirnis

We designed and manufactured a TEG bath heater to API 12K specification.

The heater was of a forced draft, natural circulation type, designed for outdoor operation in a hazardous area.

It was provided with burner fuel gas piping arranged along the side of the heater shell with sunshades over critical items, and was suitable for use with burner management (BMS) logic installed in a panel designed for installation in a control room environment.

The heater had one fire tube assembly, with a single forced draft burner and a single inspiriting type pilot burner.

The burner could be operated with modulating fuel gas flow rate, over a turndown range of 5:1.

Process turndown is unlimited as the burner will cycle between low fire and "off" in the event of low heat demand. Noise output was less than 85 dBA @ 1m.

Also included in the design was a combustion air fan, complete with 4Kw drive. Use of a forced draft fan enabled the use of a more compact heater design than would otherwise have been practical and facilitated the automatic control of combustion air flow.

An automated control damper was also provided for the burner.

Use of forced draft also allows for the pre-purge of the fire tube system prior to burner ignition, which on a heater of this size had significant safety benefits.

The heater encompassed a crude oil heating coil arranged in ten parallel flow paths from inlet to outlet which was constructed from pipe joined by butt weld on the 180 degree return bends.

The heater was rated to heat crude oil and associated gas, as specified within the client's enquiry.