Sulzer High Pressure Gas Racks
High Pressure Gas Racks

We were contracted to undertake fabrication, welding and installation of 316 stainless steel pipework together with Swagelok pipe and fittings on various types of Gas Rack Packages.

Due to strict quality and operating standards required by the end user, all of our craftsmen involved on this project attended a Swagelok Training Course. Swagelok are a leader in training craftsmen in the proper use and installation of the Swagelok tube fittings and it was essential that we knew that correct tube fitting installation was carried out to ensure safe system operation.

Our personnel were given hands-on training in:

  • Tube and pipe installation
  • Proper tube fitting assembly including pre-swaging and reassembly
  • Proper installation of adapters, caps, plugs and other fittings
  • Proper tube bending techniques
  • Proper installation practices
  • Avoidance of springing
  • How to utilise expansion loops
  • Proper tubing preparation and handling