Sulzer, Duplex Coil Manufacture for Sulzer Pumps
Duplex Coil Manufacture

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a major contract award for a prototype duplex sub-sea pump coil for Sulzer Pumps.

The Duplex (UNS S32760) Coils form part of a contract to further develop Sulzers sub-sea technology and the 4 bank coils were cold formed by us and then machined to extremely tight tolerances. We also assisted them with some of the detail design works using our in house expertise developed over 20 years of manufacturing helical coils. All welding was undertaken in accordance with ASME and was subject to 100% Radiography.

Due to the very high tolerances of various machined parts our in house engineering teams designed a JIG unit to ensure that the exact requirements of the specifications were achieved and to enable the coil to fit exactly to machined counter faces on the main pump housings.

Our sincere thanks to all Sulzer representatives for giving us the opportunity of working with one of the worlds largest specialist pump manufacturers.