Sonatrach, Power Station Pre-Heater
Water Bath Heaters

We were commissioned to design, manufacture and assemble a Water Bath Heaters to the API 12K standard and to the client’s enquiry data sheet.

In order to identify the required size of the heater, our in-house process engineers undertook complex calculations, (taking in to consideration the precise gas composition), to identify required gas flow requirements. Gas flow design calculated at 300,000 Nm3/day (24 hours) thus enabling accurate sizing of the Heater. The heater was a natural draft, natural circulation type and designed for outdoor operation in a hazardous area.

Our scope also included the supply of a local mounted burner management system suitable for use with 110V AC or 220V AC 50 Hz power supply. The heater had both inspirating single burner and single pilot burner and could be operated with modulating fuel gas flow rate over a turndown range of 4:1. Noise output was less than 85 dBA @ 1M.

NOx levels were anticipated to be 125 mg/m3 and guaranteed not to exceed 200 mg/m3 with process turndown being unlimited as the burner cycled between “low fire” and “off” when low heat demand was required.

The Heater was to be used to heat natural gas prior to pressure reduction as per client requirements.