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Petronas, Garraf Field Development

Convective Heater Package

Located onshore in the southern province of Dhi Qar approximately 250 km southeast of Baghdad, Garraf is within the Widyan-Mesopotamia Basin which covers an area of approximately 350 km2. The First Commercial Production Facility (FCP) is being be constructed to receive, process, and transport 100kbpd oil to Ahdeb tie-in point via the new export pipeline (Garraf to Ahdeb).

The FCP System consists of two oil processing trains of 50,000bopd capacities each that are be constructed consecutively.

Flaretec were commissioned for the thermal and mechanical design, detailed engineering, manufacture, fabrication and assembly and E&I installation works of 2 off Convective Fired Heaters.

Designed to API 530/560 specification, each heater was of the horizontal type and designed for use in a hazardous atmosphere.

Comprising of 4 dual fuel burners, each with a gas pilot burner for initial ignition, both burners were able to be operated with a modulating fuel flow rate over a turndown range of approximately 5:1. Heater noise was less than 85 dBA at 1m and the burners could be operated independently, to extend turndown if required.

Each heater was provided with a remote mounted burner management system and control panel which was designed to an appropriate safety concept and in accordance with IEC 61508/11 (SIL 1 Critical outputs). In addition, the system availability to operate on demand was supported by an Un- interruptible Power Supply Unit (UPS).