Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez Refinery
Russian Federation, Orifice Chamber V-2005

We were commissioned for the complete supply and manufacture of an Orifice Chamber in strict accordance with the clients’ requisition and UOP and GOST specifications.

The fabricated chamber was fully lined with a special refractory lining in accordance with specifications using Resco (Rescobond, Rescocast & Sureflow 17E).

The entire system was then cured at the operating temperature of 755 degrees Celsius at our facilities in Chesterfield prior to shipment.

Size: 3,500 diameter x 15,000 long weighing approximately 90 tonnes.

Design and construction were in strict accordance with ASME VIII Division 1. Material for the main shell, were as specified below.

Plate ASTM SA.516 Gr 70 normalised.

Materials for internals, dished-ends, shrouds, cones etc ASTM SA 240 Type 304 H

We were responsible for all internal U-anchors, hexagon mesh and associated material and for the installation of a refractory lining with special drying conditions.

In addition to the main unit fabrication works, we also designed and delivered a fully certified lifting beam rigging assembly, proof tested together with all slings / shackles for lifting in horizontal position and also for installation at site in the vertical position.