Nitrogen Generation Packages
Nitrogen Generation Packages

The project was for the design, supply and fabrication of a complete plant consisting of three main assemblies and one stand-by air compressor/air treatment package destined for a Methanol Plant located in Azerbaijan. Each skid was fitted with local panels, providing control to on-skid equipment and to transmit information via centralized telemetry to remote systems enabling operators to call in/out each Nitrogen Train as required.

As pressure demand is called off the compressors and N2 generators will cascade to match such demand and are capable of delivering:

Capacity: 1412 nm3/hr
Pressure: 9.5 barg
Purity: 99%
Payback on investment typically 12 to 24 months!

Systems are capable of delivering 5% down to 10ppm Oxygen content without the need for any additional purification.

The low air consumption provides high energy efficiencies and the systems are extremely simple to install, requiring minimum maintenance and totally eliminates safety hazards associated with traditional gas supplies.

Flartec and our partners PDL International are extremely excited about the future possibilities in providing such modularized schemes capable of delivering cost effective Nitrogen generation solutions enabling users to produce their total demand for Nitrogen on their premises and under.