Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
ASME U-Stamp Filter Separator Package

The overall project intent was to demolish old oil-fired power plant facilities which have over time deteriorated and which are also inefficient (240MW out of 600MW).

The old units were being replaced by highly efficient combined cycle gas turbine power generation facilities with low emission of poisonous gas, and as such will contribute to the stabilisation of the power system and diversification of energy source in the Peninsular Malaysia.

This project required Flaretec to undertake mechanical design and manufacture of a 2 off Filter Separator Package’s including all vessels, pipework, supply of materials, manufacture, test, paint and assembly, inclusive of E & I hook-up.

The vessels were hydrostatically tested in accordance with ASME VIII Division 1 Case 2523 With U Stamp and DOSH regulations.

With a maximum design pressure of 42.0 Barg, each vessel was required to be tested up to 54.5 Barg with each weighing 4.5 tonnes.