Jawaby Oil Service Company
Lamma Power Station - Water Bath Heater

We were commissioned to design, manufacture and assemble a Water Bath Heater to meet the client’s specification.

This included a comprehensive data dossier of heating design calculations and drawings to be submitted to the client for approval prior to manufacture.

The shell was designed to API 12K specification, Size 2,000mm diameter x 7,300mm Long.

The coil design conformed to ASME B31.3-2002 and was designed for pressure of 102 Kg/cm3.

The heater consisted of a main firetube of 660mm diameter and 4 returns of 356mm diameter and was fitted with a single 10 inch burner with a ¾ inch pilot, both inspirating and of natural draft, natural circulation type, for outdoor operation in an area which may have a hazardous atmosphere.