CETCO North Sea Operations
Crude Oil Separator

Flaretec were commissioned for the supply and manufacture of a skid mounted Crude Oil Separator.

The skid package consisted of an Enhanced Gravity IGF Vessel of 1,200mm Diameter x 3,000mm Length, a Centrifugal Circulation Pump, Clean Water Discharge Pump, Oil pump and all required welded pipework.

Technical Specification:

Design & Construction Code: BS PD 5500 & Pressure Equipment Regulations Design Pressure – Internal @ Top 1.72 N/Mm2 (G)
Max. All Working Pressure at Vessel Top (Mawp) 1.72 N/Mm2 (G)
Design Temperature - Maximum 100 oc
Minimum Design Metal Temperature -10 oc

Max Liquid Height (Max Water Level 3600 mm during Hydro Test) Fatigue Design Life 3000 Pressure Cycles
Density of Operating Medium 1025 Kg/M3
Shell Inside Diameter 1,200 mm
Shell Length – T/T 3,000 mm
Corrosion Allowance 2 mm
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 2.70 N/Mm2 (G)
Min. Hydrostatic Test Temperature 15 oc
PER Classification: Cat II