Shell UK, Bacton BBL Link Project
Water Bath Heaters

We were commissioned to design and manufacture four Water Bath Heaters to API 12K specifications. Our scope of work included full process, mechanical engineering and design calculations for the shell, coil and firetube arrangements. Heater size: 3100 dia. x 25,500 overall shell flanges.

Piping design was undertaken in accordance with ASME SA B31.3 with all welding carried out to ASME IX.

Material supply, manufacture, NDT, hydro testing, assembly of all components, painting and E&I installation were all part of our scope.

The project required 100% radiography to the coil and 100% MPI to the nozzles/lifting lugs. A full Shell leak test was also carried out with the coil and firetube installed and the expansion tank fitted.

Surface preparation and painting was in accordance with a standard, 3 part Epoxy system.

The heater was insulated with 120 kg/m3 mineral wool slabs, semi-rigid and clad with 22 swg, 0.9mm thick aluminium cladding.

Functional testing of the unit was carried out with all items fitted, i.e. stacks, platform and ladder expansion tank along with all instrument/piping and E & I hook-ups.

Our entire range of In-direct Fired Heaters, are available with ASME U Stamp for the process coil and or the full heater package.

Such approval was granted by the ASME board following a special application for the approval licence.