Arabian Gulf Oil Company
Nafoora CPS Manifold Skid Packages

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company(AGOCO) is the state owned oil company operating in Libya. They own and operate a number of oil fields in the Sahara Desert region in Libya. One of these oil fields is the Nafoora Field and there are several oil wells which are connected to a central processing unit (CPU).

At the CPU, gas and water are separated from the crude oil before the crude is exported by pipeline. We were appointed to supply 2 off Crude Oil 6 slot Manual Manifolds that were to be installed at the gas/oil separation facility at Nafoora CPS, Libya.

Both skids were approximately 9.5m x 3.5m x 4m high with 4 No platforms being provided for access to the pipes work and contained a 6 slot Manual Manifold. Each manifold had 6 off 6” ANSI 600 Flow Lines, 2 off 12” ANSI 300 Production Headers, a 6” ANSI 600 Test Header and a 10” ANSI 300 Drain Header.

All weld procedures conformed to ASME IX with all pipework Non Destructive Tested to ASME V standards. All pipework Hydro-Testing was in accordance to ASME B31.3.