Abu Dhabi Electricity and Water Authority
Water Bath Heater
Abi Dhabi

In accordance with the client's requirements, Flaretec were commissioned for detailed engineering, manufacture and assembly of two off Water Bath Heaters comprising of two main burners each with a pilot burner.

The Pilot burner was of an inspirating type and operated in permanent mode, i.e. was maintained at the end of the heating cycle when the main Burner has been extinguished.

The main burner was also of the inspirating type, for natural draft operation. On each burner a single UV detector head was provided for the detection of main and pilot flames.

The Burners were capable of full modulation over a 4:1 turndown ratio, but in this instance were proposed for step modulation as indicated by the client.

In response to a4 - 20 mA signal from the client's DCS based water temperature controller, the burner management system was required to select the main burner firing rate by control of stage modulation valves (high fire, low fire and off).

The heater skids were provided with all instrumentation, valves and piping installed, wired up and tested using single wire armoured cable and brass glands in ISO sizes, to European codes and practices.

All Instrumentation and electrical equipment was fully suitable for outdoor use, and EEx certified for use in a Zone 2, Group IIA/B, T3 environment. Our entire range of In-direct fired Heaters, are available with ASME U Stamp for the process coil and or the full heater package. Such approval was granted by the ASME board following a special application for the approval licence.