Two off Water Bath Heaters & Burner Management Assemblies
National Iranian South Oil Fields Company

National Iranian South Oil Fields Company (NISOC). Expansion of AHWAZ-3 Desalting Plant for ABTEYMOOR Crude Oil. NISOC Project Code: 81202

AHWAZ-3 was commissioned in 1988 in a location 20Km NW of Ahwaz where Flaretec were commissioned for the supply of 2 off Indirect Water Bath Heaters to pre heat crude oil during an expansion project defined for adding ABTEYMOOR oil field.

The heaters were designed & built to API 12K and ASME B31.3 with companying burner management skid assemblies.

The first picture shows the ‘black’ assembled Water Bath Heaters, the Glycol Bath Heater consists of a horizontal cylindrical shell each containing twin firetube assemblies in the lower part. Heat to these is provided by a single inspirating type natural draft burner.

The heat exchange coil being located in the upper part and consisting 50 off coils, 114.3mm O/D x 6.02mm Schedule 40 with an empty coil weight of 11393kg.

The glycol circulates between the firetube and the coil transferring heat to the coil. Shell size: 3,250 diameter x 10,000 long

The above picture shows a completed skid mounted burner management assembly. Two identical unit control panels (ucp) with plc based burner management systems were supplied one for each of the two bath Heaters for crude oil heating at Ahwaz 3 Desalting Plant.